Specialists in bus safety

Birmingham Busworks grew from the bodywork division of The Green Bus, an independent bus operator in Birmingham.

With The Green Bus, we’re known for our technical innovation. We launched Birmingham Busworks as a way to make those innovations available to other bus operators. 



Tried and tested on our own fleet

All 40 buses in our fleet have the Driver Safety Vent fitted. We have not recorded a single incident of a driver catching Covid-19.

We also installed seatbelts on our Gemini fleet.

Our private hire customers are mainly schools, which require every bus to be seatbelted. Since we fitted seatbelts to every bus, our private hire income has grown to over £1m a year. 

Our Team
  • Ian Mack
    Managing Director

    Passionate about innovation, Ian draws on over 35 years’ experience of running buses, allowing him to deliver high standards of service backed with real expertise. 

  • Don Wren
    Engineering Manager

    Don is the person who makes everything happen, from talking to customers about their requirements, to making sure that we deliver on every promise.

  • Pete Clatworthy
    Senior Technician

    A fully-qualified engineer, Pete leads the team on the shop floor and makes sure every bus is quality-checked before it leaves the workshop.